Your roof can take some serious damage after a big storm hits. If you think your roof needs to be repaired or if you need a new roof installation, here is a guide on exactly what to do when filing roofing insurance claims for storm damage. If you need a roofer in Atlanta call Adonai Roofing at 404-852-6917.

Ignoring Minor Damages Can Affect Roofing Insurance Claims

Asphalt shingle damage from a hailstorm can be difficult to find, especially if you’re trying to inspect the damage from the ground. Even minor damages can permit water to get underneath the shingles and right into your house. You should always get a professional roofing company to inspect the roof after a significant hailstorm. If any of your neighbors have damage to their roof from recent storms, that is a clear sign that you need to have your roof inspected for any damage. If other homes in your area were damaged due to hail or heavy winds, your roof was probably damaged too.

Remember, unless you’re experienced in dealing with roof construction on your own, the best way to discover any roofing damage after a storm is to have a roofer come and perform a roof inspection. They’ll have the knowledge and tools to do the inspection as thoroughly and safely as possible.

Contact a Roofing Expert to do the Roof Inspection

Not all roofers have the qualifications to perform a comprehensive inspection for storm damage. A roofing company without the experience may miss those hard to detect signs of roofing storm damage. In contrast, a roofing contractor trained to identify damage correctly can identify problems in such a way that remains in line with insurance company guidelines. That means you will have a far better chance when filing roofing claims for storm damage. Consider using a roofing company like Adonai Roofing, which is fully licensed and has the right type of experience to do a thorough job on any type of roofing repair or roofing replacement.

Make Sure the Roofing Contractor is There for the Insurance Adjuster’s Inspection

This is very important! A seasoned roofing contractor will work with the insurance adjuster to ensure that your roof is properly examined and the adjuster misses no storm damage. For instance, throughout major storm events, the insurer, in some cases, brings in out-of-state insurers to handle the added workload. These adjusters might not know the specific building codes for the area you live in; a local roofing company will know what these standards are and make sure that your roof is replaced properly.

Keep Track of All the Insurance Claim Paperwork

Don’t lose any of the claim-related details, including the claim number and dates. It would be best to ask questions to understand how the insurance company will disperse payment. Some insurance companies will write a check right away after the roof inspection. Others might submit the claim for review and write the check later on.

If You Have Roof Damage, Get Help With Your Insurance Claim!

A roofing specialist will have the knowledge to collaborate with the insurance provider. In many cases, the roofing business’s office can handle many of the documents for you, getting rid of the anxiety and time associated with filing roofing insurance claims for storm damage.

Allow Adonai Roofing to inspect your storm damaged roof. Our professional roof inspectors will examine your roof and collaborate with your insurer to repair or replace the roof quickly and effectively. Call us at 404-852-6917 for your FREE roof inspection today!