Eventually, in time, many homeowners will be confronted with needing to replace their roofs. Roof replacement costs in Atlanta can be a stressful thing to think about. This article will discuss all of the different elements involved in learning about roof replacement costs. Call Adonai Roofing at 404-852-6917 for a FREE roof inspection today.

It can be difficult; after all, roof replacement is one of the most expensive upgrades a homeowner can make. When the moment comes, the most common question is “How much does a roof replacement cost?“.

It’s different with every roof, and with the different variables deciding the cost, quotes can differ dramatically. Estimates can vary from as low as $5000 for the cheapest roof replacement on smaller-sized residences up to $25,000 or more for higher-end properties. The average cost to completely tear off the old roof and replace it, depending on where you are located, is around $12,500.

The cost for roofing can vary depending on where you live in Atlanta. For instance, roof repair in Alpharetta may be more expensive than roof repair in Johns Creek. Your best bet is to contact a roofer in Atlanta like Adonai Roofing so they can give you a free roof estimate so you can take the guessing out of the equation.


What Goes into Estimating a Roofing Replacement?

There are so many factors that are calculated when a roofer in Atlanta is trying to determine the cost of a roof replacement that it can be confusing. Below we have listed the different elements that determine how much a roof replacement will cost. We are the provider for roof replacement Johns Creek residents trust the most.

1.Size of the Roof

The biggest factor of cost is the size of the roof itself. Roofing contractors charge per “roofing squares” (a 10 foot by 10 foot (100 square feet) area is one roof square), so a 2000 square foot roof covering is 20 squares, the more squares your roof is made of, the greater the roof replacement cost.


2.The Roofing Pitch

The pitch or incline of your roof will be a deciding factor in the cost of roof replacement, as this can impact how the work is completed. If it’s a steep pitch that roofers can’t walk on, the roofers will need to make use of specialized safety tools, they won’t be able to stack materials safely on the roof, so it takes more labor to get the roofing material on top of the house.

Safety and security is a factor, insurance rates are higher for more risky roofs, and those expenses are handed down to the property owner in the form of higher costs.

3.Accessibility to your Home

Getting materials and trucks as close to your home as possible minimizes labor costs by eliminating the need to bring products back and forth. If trucks cannot park close to your home, costs will be greater to offset the added time.

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4.Different Roofing Materials

Like the work itself, materials are priced according to square feet. The more costly the material, the greater the expense. Metal roofs can cost two times as much as asphalt shingles roofs of the same dimension, and it can be up to five times the cost of a slate roof.

The cost of these materials is not a negative thing because while asphalt shingles are more affordable, they last on average twenty years, while metal or slate lasts 50 or more!

5.Other Factors

Tearing an old roof off occasionally reveals damage that has been concealed for years. Substantial water damage can turn a roof repair service job into a full roof replacement because of overlooked issues and not regular roof inspections. If damage is discovered, it has to be fixed, and that can add to costs.

If your house has skylights or chimneys, this can boost prices because employees have to work around these obstacles.

6.Besides all of these other factors, one of the most important aspects is the roofing company in Atlanta that you hire

Be sure to do your homework about the roofing professional before you hire them. You want to find a reputable roofing company with a good reputation and good reviews. Don’t just choose the lowest quote, as lower quotes are low for a reason, and if it’s really low, chances are you will likely regret it later.


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