9 Answers About The Roof Inspection Process

Do you want to know about the roof inspection process? If so, we have answered the most common questions for you in this article. At Adonai Roofing we have been providing roofing repair and roof replacement services for over 10 years and are the most trusted roofing company in Atlanta, Georgia.

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  1. How frequently should you get a roof inspection?

General standards recommend that your roof requires an annual inspection depending on the type of roof covering you have. To keep any problems at bay, our professionals suggest having your roof inspection done at least annually and after any bad weather.

  1. How often should you service your roof?

The basic rule of thumb in the roof covering sector is that you need to have your commercial-grade roof examined twice each year. It is best to have it inspected in spring and fall before entering each extreme season.

  1. How much does the average roof inspection cost?

Generally, a roof inspection costs $215. Most property owners pay between $119 and $310 for an examination, although that price can go as high as $600. There are also roofing companies that will perform a free roof inspection just with the hopes of winning your business if there is any damage discovered during the inspection process.

  1. What happens during a roof inspection?

While an indoor roof examination consists of examining the attic room for appropriate insulation, ventilation, along with wetness and mold and mildew, an external evaluation includes climbing up on the roof covering and checking for leaks and flashing damage, as well as the problem of your roof shingles and the chimney.

  1. How are roofs replaced?

The old tiles are stripped from the roof when your roof covering is replaced, revealing the deck. The brand-new roof shingles are then set up in addition to the underlayment or felt paper for a new roofing system that lasts for two decades or even more.

  1. What do insurance adjusters search for on roofs?

In a basic roofing evaluation, insurance coverage adjusters may look for the age of the roofing system, proper setup, missing and broken shingles, locations of wear or sunlight damage, damages from surrounding trees, damaged nails, and also everyday troubles that might occur from a roof being subjected to nature over a long period of time.

  1. Exactly how do you check a roof for damage?

When looking at asphalt-shingle roofing, try to find loose, damaged, or fractured roof shingles. Look bubbling or blistering in a shingle, as that indicates moisture has made its way inside the shingle. A shingle with any damages must be replaced immediately to avoid leaks or further structural damage.

  1. Will my insurance cover the cost of a new roof?

Generally speaking, many insurance carriers will cover roof repair costs if unpreventable damage has occurred to your roof or gutters. There are many situations in which a property owner can not be prepared for, and the damage is beyond the house owner’s control.

  1. Should I call insurance or a contractor first?

Before you call your insurer, you ought to call a roofing contractor that will analyze the roofing problems and help with dealing with the insurance company.