Having your roof inspected by a trusted roofer is very important if your roof is missing shingles or if you have any damaged shingles. It is normal to be missing shingles after a storm, or if you have an older roof, it is normal to find damaged shingles. If this is the case, it is time to get a roof inspection. Below are some important reasons why you need to address your missing shingles and what the consequences will be if you don’t. If you need roof repair in Atlanta call Adonai Roofing at 404-852-6917.

If you have been missing shingles for too long, there may be major damage to your roof and having a new roof installed might be your only option. If you want the roof replacement Johns Creek homeowners trust the most, Call Adonai Roofing.

The Dangers Of Missing Shingles

Missing Shingles Lower Your Property Value

You understand how important the visual aspect of our home is. The first thing people look at is the exterior of your home. Missing shingles are unattractive, and they can decrease the value of your house. If you ever decide to sell your house, you will realize this.

Home inspectors and appraisers will pay close attention to the roof when it is being sold. They will factor in the expense of roofing repairs from the home’s value, decreasing the chances of getting the true value of your home. Besides, homes with missing roof shingles look neglected. To guarantee that the value of your property does not decrease, hire a professional roofing company to inspect your roof and perform any necessary repairs.

Do You Have Missing Shingles?

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Missing Shingles Cause Roof leaks

It is possible to detect a leak as soon as it starts, particularly when rain is coming down. But, leaks due to missing shingles can slowly develop and show up in strange places. Consequently, it is very easy for such leaks to go undetected. Call Adonai Roofing for the roof repair Alpharetta homeowners deserve.

Missing Shingles Cause Roof leaks

You might not know that a missing shingle causes the water spots to form on your ceiling on your roof. The water can easily travel down the frame of your house away from where the real damage is. Investigating leaks usually takes an expert eye in the form of a roofing professional. Getting a roofing contractor to inspect your roof for leaks can be free or cost very little.

Not Repairing Missing Shingles can Cause Problems with Insurance

Before you can get your insurance provider to give you future cover on your house, they will want to be sure you will do your part to keep the home in good condition. Insurance adjusters can deny your claim if you knew about the missing shingles and chose to ignore them. If you wait too long before you file your claim due to the missing shingles, they may not cover you. Even if your insurance company does cover roof repairs or roof replacement, you may have to pay more out of pocket.

With time, missing shingles can cause much bigger problems. Because of this, most insurance companies won’t renew your plan if you don’t repair your roof properly. The insurance companies will probably require regular roof inspection to keep insuring you.

Missing Shingles

Get Your Missing Shingles Repaired

An extensive roof inspection is crucial because it allows certified roofing professionals to check for a range of different types of  roofing damage. Adonai Roofing is a great example of a roofing company that has the qualifications to perform such an inspection. They have been providing roofing repair and roof replacement in the Atlanta area for over ten years. Call them today at 404-852-6917 for your FREE roof inspection.