You depend on your roof to protect everything inside of your home. So what would you do if you found yourself needing emergency roof repair services? What if a tree fell on your roof during the middle of the night, or if wind and hail did massive damage? Here is a guide so you can be prepared in case of an emergency.

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What is an Emergency Roof Repair?

Once a roof is compromised, water will be allowed to leak into your home. An emergency roof repair or a tarp needs to be installed to stop any more damage to the interior of your home.

 In most cases, we will tarp the hole on the roof or the damaged area until the bad weather moves on, and then we can evaluate the damage and propose a permanent solution for your roof.


What Situations Call for an Emergency Roof Repair?

In most emergencies, the roof was damaged due to an extreme weather event, fire, or animal. Nature is a very strong force for a roof to contend with. Winds that go beyond 50 mph have the force to rip shingles away from the roof and expose the roof’s foundation.

Tree limbs can be torn off and sent through your roof like a dart. Lightning can strike and burn a hole through the roof. Squirrels love to eat through decomposed wood and create huge holes in the roof. Fire, obviously, will destroy anything in its course.

What do Roofers do When They get a Call for an Emergency Roofing Repair?

If it’s too dangerous, like the middle of a hurricane, they will wait till the storm subsides and then come to your home as fast as possible. Security has got to be the biggest priority. There’s nothing that can be done when there’s high wind, lightning, and heavy rain during a big storm.

If the roofing damages are from a fire, they will attempt to restore the roof to a water-tight state. Frequently, fires damage so much of the roof that it isn’t structurally sound to walk on. Once again, the homeowner’s safety and the work crew have got to be the highest priority.

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What Should a Homeowner do About the Damage to Their Roof?

First, Don’t panic. The damage to your roof has already been done. Contact your insurance company and a professional roofing company to start the process of having your damaged roof repaired.

 Watch out for storm chasers who chase bad weather and take advantage of homeowners during an emergency. Do a simple Google search of “roof repair near me” and check reviews. Consider all of your options when deciding what to do in any situation that you need emergency roof repair.

Do not attempt to try and repair the roof damage on your own. There is too much danger of being injured, and you may do more harm than good. Your roof can easily be repaired; you can’t. Also, make sure you document all of the damages and when they occurred because this will come in handy when dealing with your insurance company.


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