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Your roof is an important part of your home. It protects your family from the elements and provides shelter. It’s possible for minor problems to quickly escalate, so it is important to be vigilant and call a roofing company for a roof repair if you notice any warning signs. Here are some things to look out for.

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Ceiling Stains

Leakage of the roof can be indicated by water stains on walls or ceilings. Although there are some short-term fixes, larger leaks can cause mold growth, rotted framing, and damage to insulation and ceilings. It is not always easy to find the source of leaks. This is why a roofing company might be necessary to locate and fix the problem.

Shingles missing or damaged

Wind damage can lead to shingles falling off the roof and cracking. Even minor damage can cause shingles to burst or crack, allowing water in underneath and leading to mold growth.

Rain can also cause problems. You may notice a green or grayish color on the outside of your shingles. This could indicate moss growth. Algae can cause damage to roofing materials and make the deck below more vulnerable. Every month, and after each storm, take a look around your home for any missing, damaged, or discolored tiles.


Sagging Roof

If the roof is weak, deteriorating, or carrying too much weight, a noticeable sag could indicate serious problems. Sagging can be caused by too many layers of roofing shingles. Professional attention is required as soon as possible if a sagging roof threatens to collapse.

Missing or undersized bracing, as well as rafters that are too small, can cause a sagging ridge in the middle. This causes the roof to droop across the entire surface. An experienced roofing company can identify the problem and recommend repair or replacement to ensure your home’s safety and structural integrity.

Increased Heating & Cooling Bills

The HVAC system should be checked first if your utility bills are increasing. The roof could also play a part in your home’s energy efficiency.

Moisture can get in through a leak. This is a common problem. The water that has trapped the insulation can cause it to lose its thermal performance. It can result in heat loss in winter and cold air escape in summer if the insulation is damaged. Although conditioned air can escape through cracks and holes in the roof, it can also make its way inside.

Are You in a Roof Repair Crisis?

Some roof damage does not require immediate attention. So how do you know the difference? These are the three major issues that must be addressed immediately.

Water is Seeping In

Your roofer may be able to temporarily cover your roof until you can fix the problem.

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Large Areas Are Affected

A few missing shingles are not an emergency. However, large areas of tiles that are missing may indicate that the roof is in serious danger. To get the best advice on emergency roof repair, be as specific as possible.

Structural Damage

Your home could collapse if it has a crack or sag in its roof. This is the most severe type of roofing emergency.

How to Handle an Immediate Roof Repair Emergency

Safety should be your number one concern if your roof is seriously damaged. You should not climb on your roof, or attempt to repair or inspect it while it is stormy. You can contact a local roofing company to have a tarp put up to keep the rain out if there are any severe leaks.

Roof Repair Emergency

Once the weather has calmed down, take a look at your roof. This will allow you to explain the problem and the roofer. A professional roof inspector will be sent out by the roofing company for a deeper inspection. This gives you all the information you need in order to make an emergency roof repair decision and contact your insurance company. A lot of good roofers will work with your insurance company to ensure your home is safe and habitable.

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No matter how tough the roofing repair job or the slope of your roof. We are here to help with quality roof repair services. Our team of Atlanta area professional roofers are highly trained and insured so that you can have confidence that your roof repair is up to anything the weather can throw at it.


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Roof Repair

If you need your roof repair done right, look no further than Adonai Roofing.


Adonai Roofing offers quality roof repair services. We constantly warranty our work, whether it’s a roof replacement or a roof repair job. You can trust us to guarantee what we do, whether it’s a big or tiny job. We accept all insurance policy claims, and we will consult with your adjustor if your homeowner’s insurance company attempts to deny your insurance claim. Call us today at (404) 852-6917 for a free roof repair estimate.

Can Any Contractor Repair My Roof?

Yes, yet you ought to find a roof repair business that handles roof repair service as a substantial part of their business. Some roofers have roof repair work teams that understand the best techniques to effectively fix the roof without it looking like there’s a spot on it. Pick a best rated roofing contractor that understands roofing repair work.

Do I Need to Call the Contractor Who Installed My Roof?

Although you don’t have to call the local roofing contractor who did the first installment, you may wish to if your roof covering is less than five years old. Excellent roofing contractors use a labor guarantee or a warranty that states that the roof won’t leak within a specific time as well as if it does, they’ll repair it cost-free. You should not have a roof leak in the early years after a roofing system is effectively mounted. If you do, it should only be from excessive storm damage and not because the roofing company did bad work on the roof repair job.

Why is the Roofing Contractor Suggesting a Roofing Replacement When It's Simply a Leak?

In some cases, the roofing professional isn’t honest and is attempting to charge you more money than the job requires. Various other times, the leak has created significant damages, or you have had many repairs that they consider a roofing replacement a much better alternative. A sincere and ethical roofing company will show you in great detail all of the damage to the roof and explain exactly why they are suggesting a roof replacement instead of just a roof repair.

Is Roof Repair Because Of Storm Damage Covered By My Insurance?

That depends. If the storm damage was reported within the allowable time to file a claim, yes, roofing repair work should be covered by your home owner’s insurance policy. If your roofing company or the insurance adjustor don’t agree that there is storm damage, The roofer should meet with the adjuster to go over his findings with the adjuster, because there may need to be a roof replacement. The roofer should be present during the insurance adjusters’ inspection process.

How Long Will The Roof Repair Work Last?

When it is done appropriately by a top-quality contractor, it will not leak unless there is more damage done to the roof. Since they stand behind their work, a moral roofing company will certainly offer a repair service warranty against further leaks.

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