Tar roofs usually call for a complete replacement and not just repairs, as many DIY patches are only temporary tar roof repairs that will only last for a couple of months, as opposed to years. A temporary solution can buy you some time to prepare economically for a roofing replacement or hire an expert with the proper equipment to complete a longer-lasting tar roof repair service. It is better to patch your tar roof than allowing any more water damage to occur.

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Here is Your Step by Step Guide to the Tar Roof Repair Process:

Burst the Bubble

A bubble will form on the area of the roof where the damage is. The tar will bubble up or peel away from the foundation of the roof. There might still be a water puddle on top of the damaged location.

The first step is to move the water away, remove the gravel and set it to the side afterward; open up the bubbled location with a utility knife or sharp blade by cutting an “X” through the center of the bubble. Now that you know the first step in the tar roof repair process let’s move on to the next.

Dry and Clean The Damaged Area

Lift the flaps of the “X” that you cut in the bubble to ensure that air can flow to the bottom layers of the tar roof. Clean away as much dirt and water that you can. Allow the area to air dry until there is no moisture left.

If there is any debris or dirt, make sure you clean it up. The roof patch will not stick properly to a dirty or damp surface. It sticks much better to an area that is clean and not covered in dirt or dust.

Layers Of Tar

Spread a layer of tar on the area you have just cleaned, then Press the flaps you cut into the tar that you just applied, now spread an additional layer of tar on top of the entire area.

Spread the tar from this area out a little farther to ensure that it sets about six inches past both ends of the cut; after that push a piece of cotton cloth into the tar until it is saturated with tar. Apply one more layer and spread it across the entire area of the cotton cloth.

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Finishing Your Tar Roof Repair

Taper the edges of the tar well past where the cotton material ends, smoothing it out to ensure that it sticks and blends with the rest of the roofing surface. You may need to remove any extra gravel and set it to the side as more tar is spread across the damaged area.

Gently replace the gravel, covering the entire area of the patch. It would be best not to use any tools to press the gravel back, as you can loosen the patch. When performing a tar roof repair, use a hat to protect you from direct exposure to sunlight and use a sturdy ladder to get up and down the roof safely.

This can be difficult, and it may be better to call a professional roofer like Adonai Roofing. We have been doing tar roof repair work for over ten years, and we are one of Atlanta’s best roofing companies. Call us today at 404-852-6917 for a FREE roof inspection.