Have you ever wondered what happens during the roof inspection process? We are going to dive into that in this article so you can understand exactly what happens during a roof inspection.

 All roof coverings will eventually wear down gradually, which is why regular roof inspections are important to guarantee the quality of your roof.

What Does the Roof Inspection Process Consist of?

Most individuals get their roofing systems evaluated while preparing their homes for sale, yet that isn’t the only time you need to call a roof inspection expert. 

A roof that is past warranty or has just recently been exposed to extreme weather should be inspected too.

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 We thoroughly evaluate all facets of your roof, and we will find any locations that need a repair service or replacement to ensure that you know exactly what shape your roof is in.

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The Roof Inspection Process Explained

When you have your roof inspected  you can be certain that every inch of your roof will be thoroughly examined. Here is a nine point list of everything that roofers look for during the roof inspection process.

1.Missing, broken, or torn roof shingles- The inspector will get on top of the roof and look for any damaged or missing shingles. This may sound easy but just because a shingle is not missing does not mean it’s not damaged. It takes someone knowledgeable about roofing to find damage.

2.Worn away shingle granules- This is a sign of wind damage and old age. If the shingles are missing granules it makes them weak and it makes your roof susceptible to forming leaks.

3.Split or missing caulk- Any type of seal that is around chimneys or skylights may be cracked or missing. This is a key aspect that roofing companies look for when performing inspections.

4. Rusted or missing flashing- The inspector will walk the entire edge of the roof for signs of rust on the flashing. Rust will make the flashing weak and susceptible to breaking away from the house.

5. Decayed or torn rubber boots around pipes- There will be a thorough examination of all the rubber boots around the vent pipes sticking out from your roof to check for any cracks that may be letting water in.

6.Wood rot or sagging areas- The inspectors will use leveling tools to check for any low spots in the roof as this can mean there is structural damage.

7.Fractures in the chimney or missing caps- The base of the chimney is a common place for cracks to form and let water in. This is where a large number of roof leaks come from.

8.Rain gutters that aren’t secured- It is common for rain gutters to loosen from the roof over time and if they fall away they can do significant damage to the side of your house.

When our evaluation is complete and the roof repairs made, you can be sure that your roof will be in perfect working order.

Get Your Free Roof Inspection in Atlanta

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