Your roof is your house’s very first line of protection versus the components. It can be really hard to predict if and when your house will get hit by bad weather. So what should you do if you think you have a storm damaged roof?

You must have all the information necessary to take the correct steps that need to be taken when you think you have a storm-damaged roof. If you think you have damage to your roof call Adonai Roofing at 404-852-6917 for a free roof inspection today.


Evaluate the Storm Damage on Your Roof

The primary step after you experience extreme weather is to evaluate the damages. A comprehensive roof inspection can help you discover all of the roofing damage, so when it’s time to talk with your insurance company or roofing contractor, you can avoid unanticipated costs or inconsistencies. 

When looking at your roof to find any storm damage from the ground level, make sure you use a good set of binoculars. Try to estimate the square foot area of the damaged part of your roof.

Keep in mind the seriousness of the damage, and look meticulously to see if there are any holes, missing shingles, or dents in your storm-damaged roof. In many cases, just a few random roof shingles will be missing.

Take note of all the roofing damage that is visible. Look for signs of exposed plywood, felt paper, or any missing asphalt shingles. Document the color of the shingles or tiles and the approximate shade.

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Storm Damaged Roof

Make Short-term Repairs to Reduce Further Damage

If the damaged area of the roof is above an important part of the home (the master bedroom), the interior of the home can be damaged by dripping water. Make certain to put a container or trash bin under leaks and relocate any valuables in the area to avoid any additional damage to your home.

Severe damages need to be waterproofed quickly by strapping a tarp over your storm-damaged roof. Minor repairs can be fixed rather quickly by a professional roofing company.

If You Have A Storm Damaged Roof

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Contact Your Insurance Company

Immediately contact your insurance company. Review if the damages are big enough to be covered by your homeowner’s insurance or if it would be more affordable to work with a roofing contractor out of pocket to repair your storm-damaged roof.

In times of natural disaster, when many homes are hit by a hurricane or other types of severe weather, it is always beneficial to utilize your homeowner’s insurance to cover the cost of any damages.

If Necessary, Get in Touch With a Reputable Contractor to Repair Your Storm Damaged Roof

If you decide to work with a roofing company, always hire a professional licensed roofing contractor. Stay clear of professionals who are in your area just because your location was hit with bad weather. Traveling roofing contractors who chase storm damage have no reputation, and they may not provide the best quality of work.

Storm Damage on Your Roof

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